Refined Kappa Carrageenan

C-TECH RKC is a traditionally refined, premium food grade carrageenan extracted from the red seaweed Eucheuma cottonii abundantly found in Indonesian waters. It underwent alkali treatment to enhance its gelling capabilities in both aqueous and milk systems. It forms thermoreversible gels at sufficient concentrations. It is highly sensitive to the presence of potassium ions that greatly enhance the gelation of the product.


Appearance Creamy white, free flowing powder
Solubility Fully soluble at 80°C
pH 7 – 9
     1.5% aqueous solution at 30°C
Water Viscosity 30 – 200 mPa×s
     1.5% aqueous solution at 75°C
     Brookfield LVT Viscometer
     Spindle no. 2, 60 rpm
Water Gel Strength 200 – 600 g/cm2
     1.5% gel at 10°C
     Texture Analyzer
KCl Gel Strength 700 – 1500 g/cm2
     1.5% gel + 0.2% KCl solution at 10°C
     Texture Analyzer

Technical data are supplied for guidance only and may be different from customer’s results due to differences in testing methods and instruments.